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Kanematsu Corporation Kanematsu Corporation is a trading company that provides a wide range of products and services by organically combining the expertise acquired in the domestic and international networks and business fields with the functions of a trading company, such as business transactions, information collection, market development, business development, composition, risk management, and commodity distribution.


Kanematsu Electronics Ltd. Designing and construction of information systems; operational services; and system consulting
Sales, rental, lease, maintenance, development, and production of IT system products and software
Nippon Office Systems Ltd. Sales of computers, software, peripheral devices, and network devices centering on IBM products
System integration service ranging from planning and proposal of information systems to requirement definition, development, construction, and operation
Kanematsu Sustech Corporation Manufacturing and sales of housing materials
Kanematsu Communications Limited Sales of mobile communication devices and related devices
Mobile phone-related ASP services
KANEMATSU GRANKS Planning, construction, and operation of websites; planning, manufacturing, and sales of contents
Sales agent of Internet advertising
Planning and development of social games
Kanematsu PWS LTD. Production of semiconductors; development, designing, manufacturing, and sales of inspection equipment
Sales, brokerage, maintenance services, start-up, and modification of used semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Kanematsu Advanced Materials Corp. Import, export, storage, sales, processing and other operations in relation to materials and components for automotive equipment, electronic devices and communication equipment.


KANEMATSU SHINTOA FOODS CORPORATION Food sales and refrigerated warehouse business
Kanematsu Soytech Corporation Sales of soy beans, miscellaneous beans and grains; and development and sales of food processing materials including tofu
Kanematsu Agritech Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of feed and fertilizer
North Pet Co., Ltd. Manufacture of pet snacks (jerky, dried meat, biscuits)
KAI Enterprises, Inc. Sales of hay and coarse feed
KG Agri Products, Inc. Seed development, contract cultivation, screening processing, and sales of soy beans for food



Kanematsu Trading Corporation Sales and trading of steel materials, civil engineering and construction materials, raw steel materials, steel products, and special steel materials
Kyowa Steel Co., Ltd. Cutting of general steel materials; and sales of steel materials, steel products, and construction materials
EIWA METAL CO., LTD. Processing and sales of stainless steel, titanium, and high-alloy nickel


Kanematsu Petroleum Corporation Integrated energy sales company
Kanematsu Yuso Co., Ltd. Shipping, receiving, and storage of petroleum products
Kanematsu Chemicals Corporation Sales of general chemicals, medical products, intermediates, and functional food materials
Kanematsu Wellness Corporation Sales of health food
MIRACOOL CO., LTD. Sales of reflective coating “Miracool/PerfectCool”


Kanematsu Aerospace Corporation Sales of air defense and space-related equipment
KG Aircraft Rotables Co., Ltd Aircraft rotable parts business
Aries Motor Ltd. Honda car dealer in Warsaw in Poland
Aries Power Equipment Ltd Distributor of general-purpose equipment in Poland


KANEYO Co., Ltd. Sales of bed and bedding materials and products, household products, interior goods, and spun yarn
SHINTOA CORPORATION Trading company conducting (beverage) vending machine business and imports, exports, domestic sales of aircraft engines, etc.
Kanematsu Logistics & Insurance Ltd. Insurance agent, freight agent, and transportation business etc.
HOKUSHIN CO., LTD. Manufacturing and sales of medium-density fiberboard