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Promotion of a new business to meet the changes and needs of the age

Global warming is a severe problem that may affect even the very survival of the human race.
Dependence on fossil fuel resources with limited supplies has on occasion thrown the world economy into turmoil when the balance of supply and demand breaks down. In contrast, solar energy as a renewable energy resource has huge merits for both the global environment and sustainable economic growth. In this field which is attracting the greatest expectations, the Energy Group of Kanematsu KGK Corp. supplies customers with monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon wafers and their manufacturing equipment, and further with complete solar power systems comprising solar panels and peripheral equipment.

Offering high-quality, high-output modules

We mainly handle multicrystalline modules with Schott AG (Germany) standard manufactured by Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd., in China and monocrystalline modules from Suniva, Inc. (USA). Schott has been developing solar cells for satellites since 1958, and is a well-established German company with abundant experience and a proven track record. Suniva, inc. began with the technology development and manufacturing of the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) PV research laboratories established in 1985, and was founded as a company in 2007. Both companies offer high-output modules with a 25-year output guarantee and 10-year product guarantee.

Offering total solar energy systems, another power generating systems

Solar energy systems consist of solar modules and various peripheral equipment such as connection boxes, inverters, stands, etc. Kanematsu KGK has more than 10 years of experience and results in the solar industry, and will collaborate with multiple system integrators and construction companies to propose the optimum system to meet customer needs. With our business experience from upstream to downstream and our long track record, we have built strong relationships of trust and cooperation with manufacturers and multiple system integrators. Moreover, together with manufacturers, we will promote the development of cells and modules with higher quality and offer the construction and service of even better systems. In near future, in addition to the content described above, by offering another power generating equipment and a wider range of facilities, we would like to build a strong position more in a renewable energy field.

  • Solar power generation system

    ■Solar battery/cell ■Inverter
    ■Engineering subcontractors

  • Geothermal/biomass power

    ■Small binary
    ■IC reactor

  • Rechargeable battery

    ■Lithium ion battery
    ■redox flow battery

  • Proposal on power saving, etc.

    ■Plant factory