Introduction of our businesses

Kanematsu KGK is Japan’s leading general machine trading company that deals with machine tools and industrial machines.
We are working to contribute to the front line of Japanese manufacturing such as electronics, machiney and automotive industries, and to provide better products of food (e.g. bread, ham and snacks) and container (e.g. plastic bottles and cosmetic containers) manufacturing equipment.
In addition, we are dealing with clean energy, which has received considerable attention in recent years.

Factory solution(Machine tools)

Organizer of mother machines

The factory solution business stands on our main businesses, which are machine tool products for electronics, machinery and automotive industries.
Machine tools support the minimal unit of manufacturing and make a huge contribution to the creation of industries.
Recently, we have been planning to proactively expand our business to new fields such as the information & communications industry including optical communications and the energy industry.
Using our advantages in these technologies and unique product development capability, we have improved system proposals and are trying to provide environmental-friendly, high value-added products and services while staying in close contact with our customers through IT technologies.

  • Domestic machine tools
  • Imported machine tool

Product solution(Industrial machinery)

Technical Coordination

The product solution business not only sells products but also provides best machines and systems for customers from customers’ standpoint and view with our engineering and know-how added.
Putting our customers first, we are performing high value-added, high quality services to become an “engineering trading company.” Technical Coordinate is also a guidepost toward the creation of customer satisfaction (CS).

  • Industrial machines

Energy business

Promotion of new businesses in response to changes and needs of the times

With the global warming issue growing, the energy business deals with a wide range of Japanese natural energy technologies, which are attracting the world’s attention, and their processing and equipment. Taking advantage of the Kanematsu Group’s information collecting ability and networks, we provide the latest information to our customers to improve quality and yield.

  • Energy business